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732/21 Second Street, Manchester,
King Street, Kingston United Kingdom


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My name is Mike Cooper. I’m a passionate artist with ten years experience in art and photography

For every single project that I have done my focus has been on creating the best user experience possible. I’ve worked with several larger as well as smaller brands and I love challenges.

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[vcm_mental_pricing_table animate=”fadeInLeft” title=”Standart” price=”$ 599″ items=”Creative Ideas, 1000 photos, Sound production, Video production, Post production, Consulting”]
[vcm_mental_pricing_table active=”yes” animate=”fadeInUp” title=”Business” price=”$ 799″ items=”Creative Ideas, 2000 photos, Sound production, Video production, Post production, Consulting” link=”/”]
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Drop Us a Line


[vcm_mental_contact_p animate=”fadeIn”]California CA
Mental Inc.
Start Apple st. 54[/vcm_mental_contact_p][vcm_mental_contact_p type=”phone-block” animate=”fadeIn”]+1 (800) 515 622 3122[/vcm_mental_contact_p][vcm_mental_contact_p type=”email-block” animate=”fadeIn”]mental@gmail.com[/vcm_mental_contact_p]
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